10 tips for a successful Christmas decoration

10 tips for a successful Christmas decoration

What is the first thing your guests will discover when they arrive at your home on Christmas Day? The decoration of your home.A little advice from the pros  : Christmas is prepared from outside the house, a wreath on the door, candles in the windows, a luminous inflatable tree to decorate the garden… Christmas is not a period, it’s a state of ‘mind. Your cocoon must breathe Christmas and immerse your guests in a warm festive atmosphere.

Choosing the right theme for a successful Christmas decoration

You are thinking about preparing your reception for New Year’s Eve… December 24 is approaching… Fortunately, the 25th is with the beautiful family! To organize your evening, you go to Fête Sensation to find inspiration in our universe of party tables…

Find here our universe of party tables

You have seen our different themes and wide choice of decorations there… You are hesitating between the traditional red, green and holly branches, or the Christmas frosted white, gold and pine cones… Which centerpiece will you choose?

Christmas table decoration

Your sister prefers the traditional Christmas! You take a photo of the table in front of you to reproduce the same at home. You slip in your basket the small decorations, the little Father Christmas OBVIOUSLY, the tablecloth, the plates, napkins and glasses on the same theme. That’s it, you have everything you need for the table! Red sequins to place on your beautiful Christmas table and brighten the amazed eyes of children.

Dress up as a realistic Santa

Hop hop hop, head to the disguise department to find the Santa Claus costume in XL for Loïc. This year, he is the one who dresses up to please the children! The low-cost Christmas costume or the beautiful Santa Claus costume? You need a quality Santa Claus. You head to the checkouts, but you forgot something…

A composition of helium balloons?

Then, balloons, helium and party favors! Santa’s head, a fir tree and candy canes for a beautiful composition of helium balloons. Something to delight children and take great photos with the photobooth. Our in-store teams are creative and experts in balloons, you need an arch or a beautiful composition, they will be able to advise you! You can even buy the balloons and come back to blow them up on December 24.

Then…Mathilde wants to be between her aunts Sandrine and Lucie, Lucie opposite her uncle Johann…

A little advice from the pros: To visualize your table plan, you create place markers using our table accessories, the name on a napkin or a small card with clips… We offer original ideas for seating your guests during this such a fun evening.

Prepare for the arrival of guests by creating your warm atmosphere

Before the arrival of your guests, light the candles, the music, the tree and place the last gifts there. Don’t forget to take a picture of your table as a souvenir for next year… Unless you decide to change the theme every year.

The guests arrive and compliment you on your decoration, your background music on the sounds of Mariah Carey and the smell that emanates from the kitchen.

And then, in a few days, we start again for New Year, but this time, it will be black and gold for the decoration! You want a photobooth to make this new year 2023 a memorable year that you can remember thanks to your great photos.

New year photobooth

To end the year in style, make a splash for your end-of-year celebrations, with a red, gold, silver, colored, neon or glitter Christmas and New Year’s table! Or even a themed table in the colors of your choice. Come and discover our table presentations to find your ideas and get advice!

With Fête Sensation, enter the magical world of Christmas and New Year, dream and let your ideas carry you away! We hope you enjoyed this article and that you found inspiration and tips for a successful Christmas decoration.



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