Christmas decorations to make with recycling

Christmas decorations to make with recycling

Discover all our tutorials to make your Christmas decoration from recycled materials . Something to combine festivity and ecology!

Recycling and Christmas decoration

Have you thought about making your Christmas gifts or your Christmas decoration yourself? The benefits are numerous and well worth considering.

You save money. This is of course a major argument, the one we think of first. When you want to renew your Christmas decoration every year to avoid bringing out the same increasingly decrepit golden garland, you quickly realize how big the budget is. Better invest it in gifts, right? This is why we recommend that you turn to upcycling – in other words recycling – to create a unique Christmas decoration at low cost.

You use your creativity. Do you like to knit, sew or embroider? You will love imagining and creating all kinds of Christmas decorations with your ten fingers. An almost unlimited playground since it allows you to imagine suspensions, garlands as well as centerpieces, Advent calendars, decorations for windows or even DIY Christmas trees. And this, by involving all kinds of different creative techniques.

You make the Christmas fun last. Christmas is a unique moment in the year that brings young and old together. Not just a religious holiday, it is above all an opportunity to get together and show our loved ones all our affection. By starting in October or November in the preparations for Christmas , you are only prolonging the pleasure!

You will amaze your children and your friends. The party will be complete if you invite your loved ones to make a unique Christmas decoration with you. Maybe you can even provide small DIY gifts to reward them for their involvement? Finally, a DIY Christmas decoration is close to the traditional Christmas spirit: a moment of sharing, generosity and solidarity to be enjoyed as a family, without pomp or excess.

Ideas for a recycled Christmas decoration

In order not to scatter, we recommend that you choose a theme before embarking on your DIY Christmas decor and stick to it. This common thread will tell you the procedure to follow and you can then decline all sorts of ideas while remaining faithful to it. Before you start, here is our main tip: think recycling . A few scraps of fabric and knitting, string or wool, buttons, bits of cardboard or even wire netting… It sometimes takes little to make wonders. We have selected for you more than 20 Christmas decoration ideas to make with recycled items . Another ally and first cousin of recovery’ : diversion. It consists of diverting an object from its primary use and in this sense it is similar to recycling . So keep your eyes peeled and see what object around you deserves a second life and could be transformed into a unique Christmas decoration .

How to celebrate a responsible Christmas?

If you want to do something for the planet this year, all you have to do is adopt a few ideas to spend a little more ethical Christmas . And it’s very easy! You can start by trying to reduce your waste . For example, why not replace the traditional wrapping paper , which usually ends up in the trash, with a fabric wrapper? Also called “furoshiki”, this Japanese technique makes it possible to offer a gift wrapped in a magnificent fabric. The idea would be to recover the latter for future gift wrapping, or to offer it to the person concerned so that they too can reuse it. Other alternatives are possible! Think about recycling: tote-bag, cookie box…



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