How to choose the right wedding jewelry?                          

How to choose the right wedding jewelry?                          

Choosing wedding jewelry is often a complicated choice . Indeed, the bride’s dress and hairstyle have a strong influence on the jewelry she can wear for the event. Discover in this article all the tips to make the right choice to look beautiful on your wedding day.

Harmonize your jewelry with your dress, an essential point during your wedding

For a harmonious outfit , it is absolutely necessary to ensure the good agreement between the wedding dress and the jewels. Thus, once the dress has been selected, the jewelry must be carefully chosen. Indeed, this event is so important in the life of a woman that it is necessary to ensure that the balance between the dress and the jewelry is perfect.

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It is essential to keep in mind that the style of the dress determines the jewelry that the bride can wear . Indeed, the bride will have to take care to harmonize her adornment with the neckline chosen. Thus each form of dress determines, for example, the type of necklace to wear or the one that will have to be banned.

Wedding dress

Indeed, dresses with a high neck and those with an American neckline elegantly dress the neck. Therefore, the necklace should be banned because it would break the harmony of the outfit.

We will therefore favor bracelets and earrings as well as head jewelry or tiaras.

For the earrings, if the choice is on dangling earrings or hoops, it will absolutely be necessary to try it with the dress. Indeed, it will be necessary to ensure that the earrings are not too imposing and do not weigh down the outfit.

When choosing head jewelry or tiara, the bride will make sure to have a perfect match with her hairstyle . The tiara, worn with or without a veil, highlights the hairstyle and the carriage of the head.

Hair jewelry, on the other hand, is the ideal choice for brides who have chosen to wear a bun. Indeed, these jewels beautifully sublimate the buns.

For brides who have chosen a dress with a draped neckline, simplicity and discretion are required so as not to overload the outfit. Indeed, the dress is already well dressed and too much jewelry would spoil the balance of the outfit.

Thus, a pair of earrings, a discreet bracelet and a tiara or a jewel of the head are sufficient to sublimate this dress.

The strapless dress, the ally of the bride who relies on jewelry to shine on her wedding day

For brides who have made the classic choice of a strapless dress, anything goes . They will thus have the joy of being able to have fun with the jewellery. Indeed, all the jewels agree easily with this style of dress.

Dressed in this dress, brides have a beautiful neckline and bare shoulders just waiting to be enhanced. Whether with a beautiful necklace or sumptuous earrings, they will be spoiled for choice.

To highlight her neck , the bride can decide to wear a choker or cameo jewellery . In addition, this jewel, while respecting the codes of marriage, adds a sexy and glamorous touch to the outfit.

If the bride prefers to highlight her chest , she will choose a pendant necklace that will fit beautifully into the neckline. It is not only at the level of the necklaces that everything is allowed for brides in strapless dresses.

Indeed, for the earrings also they have carte blanche. The important thing is to ensure balance with the necklace if they have chosen to wear both.

The bride who prefers to show off her head wear will prefer dangling earrings or hoops. Indeed, by wearing this type of earrings, the bride is very graceful . Be careful, however, not to choose a model that is too invasive.

In any case, it is always necessary to make a fitting with the necklace to check the harmony of the whole. The one who prefers to highlight her necklace, will have to opt for loops of lobes or chips which are the pinnacle level of discretion.

The other necklines will be enhanced by a necklace

The bride who has chosen a dress with a Bardot neckline will choose a choker. Indeed, this type of necklace accentuates the glamorous effect of her outfit. Unless she prefers to show off her head wear with a nice pair of dangling earrings. There is no need to add other accessories, this dress, ultra glamorous, is enough on its own.



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