How to choose your wedding jewelry? 

choose your wedding jewelry

Marriage is one of the most beautiful events in a woman’s life. Wanting to shine, be perfect and make this day memorable are all goals that require a lot of effort. Between matching jewelry with the dress, the shoe and the bag, it can be a real headache. If like so many brides and grooms you don’t know how to choose your jewelry, here are some tips.

Criteria for choosing the collar

The necklace may not be the most important piece of jewelry for you, but it is still essential. Indeed, the choice of collar determines the model of the other accessories. This choice is essentially based on the model of the wedding dress. There are several types of dresses, and each of them deserves a necklace that reveals its value more. For a dress with a straight collar, for example, that exposes the shoulders well, a small round or choker style necklace would do the trick.

All types of necklaces can be worn on a V-shaped dress with a neckline. Those with a plunging neckline will go better with a long necklace. As for an asymmetrical dress model, it is appropriate to wear a collar of an asymmetrical shape with the pattern on the opposite side of the shoulder strap.

In addition, it should be noted that there are dresses that do not require the wearing of a necklace. Dresses without a neckline or with a high collar, for example, can be worn without this accessory. The same is true for a dress with an American neckline. Simple earrings are more recommended. On Valmano , you will find all the jewelry you need to shine on your wedding day.

The earrings

After the choice of the necklace comes that of the earrings. Overloading is not always pleasant to see. For this, if the pattern of the dress allows to have a necklace, and that the latter is quite imposing, it is more judicious to choose simple earrings. Flower, feather, padlock and bird buckle patterns will highlight the dress and the chosen necklace. For a low-cut dress, the choice is made according to taste. Whether the loop is long or short, always choose a simple design when it comes to a low-cut or V-shaped dress with a neckline. Silver, diamond, precious stone, it is better to opt for short earrings.

The bracelet

It is the accessory that requires the least effort. It can be put aside or worn. In any case, it is always better to have a simple and light bracelet to avoid overloading the outfit. In order to keep the good mood of the wedding, a simple bracelet not heavy allowing to be free of its movements would be more adapted. It is therefore necessary to choose a model that is quite comfortable on the wrist with a beautiful pattern and made of the same material as the other jewels.

The ring

It is the key jewel of a wedding ceremony. The ring is proof of the union between the two lovers. It is therefore sacred and the choice must be made carefully. We must prioritize a simple, authentic and elegant ring. It must be made of a good material. To be the center of attention, it is advisable to have a simple and neutral manicure to better show the ring.

You must keep in mind that jewelry is not just for women. Men can also opt for a nice watch, a ring, a cufflink according to their tastes.



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