Shopping: why does it cheer us up?   

Shopping why does it cheer us up

Who among us has never shopped or called a friend for a shopping spree after a bad day? But why does shopping cheer us up so much?

Shopping stimulates dopamine secretion

The feeling of well-being and happiness felt after the purchase of an object of desire is not the fruit of your imagination. Indeed, when we go shopping and give in to the object of our desire, the reward circuitry in our brain kicks into action .

The secretion of dopamine, the neurotransmitter responsible for the feeling of well-being and pleasure , is increased. This is what explains this pleasant feeling that we experience after a purchase. Dopamine secretion is much higher when we feel like we’re getting a good deal . This is why we are so euphoric at sales time!

Shopping maintains our narcissism

After a breakup, a professional failure or a health problem, our morale is often at half mast and we have low self-esteem. The fact of shopping enhances us in our own eyes and sweeps away this unpleasant feeling that we are below everything. Trying on new clothes, a pair of shoes, a piece of jewelry is like having a new look, recreating an improved version of us. And that can boost our desire to start off on the right foot!

Shopping allows us to gain confidence

After a failure or a particularly bad day, we can’t wait to turn the page as soon as possible and try something else to gain confidence. Shopping gives us this opportunity. We feel prouder and more beautiful when we wear a new item of clothing or a new accessory. And when we feel beautiful, our self-confidence increases, which calms our anxieties and reduces our stress .

The quest for the rare item is exhilarating

In shopping, what boosts morale so much is not the purchase, but the quest for the object itself . In this quest, the simple act of looking at window displays and shopping around stores improves our mood.

Admiring each object and imagining it in our possession makes us dream and helps to lift our spirits. When we finally find the object of our quest, the joy is even greater, which has a beneficial impact on our mood. But it can also be a double-edged sword. Indeed, when we return empty-handed from our quest, we may experience a double frustration !

Well known for its euphoric and uplifting action, shopping can help you get over the blues while renewing your wardrobe. Combine business with pleasure with a realistic shopping budget !

Shopping allows you to update your wardrobe. The clothes you had in your closet are probably outdated or no longer enough for you. It is necessary for you to go shopping to get new clothes and shoes. Also, shopping is a great morale booster. If you’re going through a tough time or you’re not feeling mentally well, you may decide to go shopping to make yourself feel good. Trying on pants, clothes and shoes will surely change your mood. You will feel relieved in a new world. You also have to go shopping to be able to afford the accessories you’ve seen on TV or heard from your friends. You want to stay in fashion and on top of events. Shopping is therefore advisable for you. Shopping may be seen as a waste of money or time. But it remains a very important activity that you must practice regularly.



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