What are the different clothing styles?

What are the different clothing styles?

Do you think you have your own style of dress, but are looking to define it more to take inspiration from the trend? If you’re looking for your style and need to know what seems to suit your tastes the most, it’s time to take a look at the different clothing styles that exist. Be aware, however, that a style of dress can be modified according to your convenience and that nothing is fixed in the fashion world: all shots are allowed! Also, a look may look great on someone else, but not suit you, so don’t skip the fitting stage when you want to change your style.

  The classic style

Durable and timeless, the classic style remains elegant and chic. Of good quality, the clothes are simple, sober and neat. You don’t have to follow the latest trends to opt for this look that remains a safe bet at work and at home.

In the dressing room of a woman with a classic style, there is a trench coat, a white shirt, a blazer jacket, a cashmere sweater, a straight dress, a pair of jeans without holes and raw, leather gloves and other pieces rather basics. These pieces can be twisted according to the trends.

The bohemian style

As its name suggests, the bohemian style is non-conformist, and is inspired by the hippie era. However, it can be updated with trendy pieces, especially openwork tops. A bohemian style can be quite fashionable if the pieces are well accessorized.

In the dressing room of a woman with a bohemian style, we can see a long skirt, a faux fur vest, a tunic, fringed handbags, long necklaces, suede ankle boots and a poncho.

The minimalist style

The philosophy of the minimalist style is to have fewer parts, but to have them of higher quality. Clothes should also fit you perfectly in order to show off your best. They will thus be able to be used in several ways and in all your outfits.

In the dressing room of a woman with a minimalist style, there is a simple and fitted jacket, the classic little black dress, a suit, a designer handbag and a winter coat that resists several seasons.

At the heart of the trend with fashionista style

Passionate about fashion shows, do you tend to go through all the new fashion trends in order to be able to integrate them into your looks? If so, you can easily adopt the fashionista look. This style is rather difficult to maintain, as the trends change every season, which forces you to shop regularly.

To follow the trend, it is a question of paying attention to the colors, the accessories that you will choose, the cuts and the jeans.

The natural or sporty style

Casual and comfortable, this style is very simple and made up of clothes that don’t require a lot of maintenance. Nature lovers, they like simplicity and they want to be able to move freely.

To wear this style, you will need jeans, fairly simple and plain sweaters, pairs of trendy sneakers, some jewelry, and a backpack.

Here are the different clothing styles that stand out from others in current trends. Thanks to this, you can find your style of dress and get an idea of ​​what you might like in terms of looks. Of course, you are free to choose a style and shape it your way by adding your personal touch.



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